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Hi there, it's nice to meet you (online), here's what people "in the know" need to know about me:

I have a creative heart and a working brain.
I believe in my work, love a good team and always have the time to hear a new idea. My resume includes a lot of experience with social media management, creative, content and online marketing. I bring great soft skills and quick thinking to the table and you’ll find I’m always up for a good challenge.

Through hard work I was able to reach significant accomplishments such as: the first live broadcast In Israel from a commercial flight, creating international co-operation & materials for academia and execute specialized content that reached record breaking data on Israel’s National Library’s Facebook - with over 100,000 followers. My research and photography work at the National Library of Israel was also featured on local and international media, from Ynet to the BBC.
Lately my content and creative was featured in main social media outlets, such as Amazon Prime Video and Kodd Magazine and reached over 1.5M users organically. I also have the pleasure of advising CEOs and high management personal on their Linkedin profile and activity.

Please, feel free to contact me VIA Linkedin or Email:

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