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A short film produced in India, presenting Shalem College's outstanding English program, taking place in Jindal Global University in New Delhi. The photographer, David Atsmi, and myself accompanied the Israeli students delegation - filming, interviewing and editing on location in India. Producing this video in a foreign country and in the field was an amazing experience.
The video was also featured in Channel 13 news during a special project about young Israeli's and their journey to learn and experience the faiths of the sub-continent.

Reading, Writing, and – Rickshaws? Many immersion programs demand that students speak, learn, and live in the language of study, but few demand that they navigate a new culture (literally). The Shalem English Immersion Program in Jindal University outside New Dehli is a unique, experiential initiative that prepares our students to take leading roles on the international stage – and includes a few rickshaw rides along the way. To learn more about the immersion program, read the full article at:

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